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USP Standard Flibanserin Powder
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Product:Flibanserin Powder
CAS: 167933-07-5
Molecular formula: C20H21F3N4O
Molecular weight: 390.4
Content: 98%
Appearance: White powder

Flibanserin is called ,known as the “female Viagra”, is a prescription medication used to enhance sexual desire and decrease emotional distress in premenopausal women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

A new drug designed to boost sexual desire in women is controversial for some and eagerly awaited by others, but it’s hit a potentially serious snag. The drug didn’t boost women’s desire any more than a placebo in two clinical trials. The Food and Drug Administration posted the clinical trial results on its website today in advance of a committee meeting on Friday, when a panel of experts will vote whether or not to recommend approval of the drug called flibanserin. (The FDA usually follows the recommendations of its expert panels. ) Although there was a slight increase in the number of sexually satisfying events flibanserin users had each month, the FDA staff who reviewed the results said the so-called response rate isn’t “particularly compelling. ”
It’s called the “little pink pill, ” a tiny tablet that could have a huge impact on treating female sexual dysfunction. If it’s approved, it would become the first drug of its kind on the market.

USP Standard Flibanserin Powder
USP Standard Flibanserin Powder

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