What Is Semi Finished Oil Conversions?

What is semi finished oil conversions at Roidpharma.com? What’s the further process?

The semi finished oil conversions that we are offering are actually finished. The oils are brewed with solvents and carrier oil already. But due to the packaging issues, the oils are unsterile during the shipping or posting. Further process will be required to make them sterile and safe for using – sterile filtration. According to the success rate of parcels we sent to many countries, steroid oil conversion will be a better choice.

1.What is exactly your semi finished looked like?

3.How do you ship them?

Designed discreet packing methods will be applied according to different countries,the best methods will be selected according to the detailed order

4.What am i supposed to do with it after i received it?

All you need to do is the filteration process with 0.22um pore size filters,then it is ready for injection

5.How much can i save if i buy semi finished oil from you?

For example:The average price for testosterone enanthate 250mg in 10ml bottles is 35USD,our price of testosterone enanthate in semi finished form as below:

100ml is only 135USD,that is 10 vials,13.5USD per vial
500ml is only 280USD,that is 50 vials,5.6USD per vial
1000ml is only 450USD,that is 100 vials,4.5USD per vial
2000ml is only 800USD.that is 200 vials,4USD per vial
4000ml is only 1250USD,that is 400 vials 3.125USD per vial
5000ml is only 1500USD ,that is 500 vials,3USD per vial

If you are a reseller,get 5000ml semi finished Testosterone Enanhtate from us,the profit will be (35$-3$)*500=18500$